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"הצלחה הינה אחוז אחד
של השראה,
ו99 אחוז
של עבודה"

Welcome to our website, the digital home of one of the most influential figures in the world of economics and business leadership in Israel, an accountant, lawyer, mentor and businessman who today serves as CEO and Chairman of Baker Tilly Israel - Dr. Eyal Horowitz. 

With a career spanning three decades, he has advised, accompanied, and helped many companies, businessmen, and individuals achieve unprecedented success.

Eyal began his career after completing his accounting studies at the College of Management, where at the age of 28 he became the youngest senior lecturer in Israel at that time. 
After that, Eyal became the CEO of one of the largest accounting firms in Israel and after a few years, he led the company to become part of one of the largest and most successful accounting firms in the world - Baker Tilly Global.  

In addition, Eyal took on the role of chairman of the company throughout Europe, Africa and the Middle East and managed a workforce of over 15,000 people. His leadership style, characterized by empathy, strategic thinking and a deep understanding of the business landscape, helped the growth and success of the entire company.

Over the years, he has advised and been involved with numerous high-profile companies, providing them with strategic direction and insights that have led to significant business changes. His expertise extends beyond the field of accounting, and includes a wide range of business aspects, from strategic planning to operational efficiency, which allows companies to succeed together with Il. 

But what really sets Eyal apart is his commitment to people. He has helped thousands of people realize their potential, guiding them to become better leaders and achieve unprecedented success in their personal and professional lives. Il's exceptional interpersonal communication skills allowed him to connect with people on a deeper level, helping them reach their potential and become the best versions of themselves.

Now, he embarks on a new venture, leveraging his unique method that has been perfected over years of experience. This method is designed to help anyone who aspires to be more successful, make a change and reach new heights. Whether you're a seasoned professional looking for a fresh perspective or a budding entrepreneur looking for direction, Eyal's approach can provide you with the tools and insights you need to achieve your goals.

We invite you to explore our website, learn more about Eyal's journey and discover how his unique approach can help you change your life and your business. 

Welcome to the world of unlimited possibilities 'The path to excellence'. 


The escort that will take you to the sky

Escort program - "one on one"
with Dr. Horowitz

Welcome to a transformative journey that promises to guide you from the beginning to the pinnacle of success.

We are proud to present "One on One", a groundbreaking mentoring program that brings a guiding hand to your aspirations,

Guided by the old mentor, Dr. Eyal Horowitz.

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Hot episodes from our podcast

"The path to excellence"

Dr. Horowitz's lectures

Imagine a virtual space where the secrets to success are revealed, and the path to excellence becomes clear. Dr. Horowitz's website is a temple of insights, a platform where his lectures delve into the very essence of achievement. Through captivating conversations, he reveals the path to excellence that he himself went through, and offers valuable lessons on negotiation, nurturing business relationships, effective leadership, effective management and the art of entrepreneurship.
In an age where achieving unprecedented success is not just a dream, but a goal within reach, Dr. Horowitz's lectures provide the guiding light. His words resonate with an authenticity that stems from a lifetime of dedication and hard work. Whether you are a seasoned entrepreneur seeking to hone your skills or An aspirant hungry for personal growth, these lectures hold the key to reaching your potential.

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