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הדרך למצוינות


Welcome to the world of Dr. Eyal Horowitz, a distinguished professional with life experience and an impressive resume in accounting, law, mentoring and business. His extensive experience and deep wisdom have shaped him into a beacon of knowledge and inspiration. Now, as part of his journey, Eyal hosts the podcast  "On the Road to Excellence" ", a podcast that reflects the diversity and dynamism of Israel's professional landscape.

Each episode of "On the Road to Excellence" is a unique investigation into the lives of the most accomplished people in Israel. From groundbreaking entrepreneurs to influential business moguls, Dr. Horowitz invites a wide variety of guests, each a successful personality in their field. His conversations delve into their journeys, forming the tangled tapestry of experiences that led them to success and excellence.

Dr. Horowitz's insightful questions and empathetic approach allow his guests to open up about their triumphs and tribulations, their inspirations and aspirations. These conversations are not just interviews; they are intimate portraits of people who dared to dream and had the courage to make those dreams a reality.

As listeners, you are invited to join Eyal on this enlightening journey. Each episode is an opportunity to learn, be inspired and reflect on our paths to excellence. So, watch the path to excellence, and embark on a journey of discovery, inspiration and personal growth.

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