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Baker Tilly Israel

Baker Tilly is the trade name of Baker Tilly Horowitz Sebo Tevet & Cohen Tabah, which is one of the leading firms in Israel. To provide accounting and auditing services, taxes and consulting.


As a member of the global Baker Tilly international accounting network 
A group that strives to provide a comprehensive solution to all the economic and business consulting needs of businesses and companies, based on our collective professional experience and a true understanding of the challenges facing businesses and companies today.

Baker Tilly is a member of the international firm Baker Tilly International, ranked among the ten largest accounting chains in the world, and brings together approximately 175 firms in 150 countries and employs over 48,000 people around the globe.

Our service approach is based on the deployment of two partners to the service of each customer, a leading partner and an accompanying partner, who back each other up. We provide you with a skilled team, which guarantees that the service provided will meet your expectations and requirements. 

Baker Tilly has a wide range of clients: multinational corporations, public companies, government ministries and government companies, small and medium-sized private companies (organized under the SMB division) and individuals.

The firm provides a wide range of professional services and shell services through its various departments. The various departments each specialize in their field and believe in personal and professional service at an international level:

Audit and Accounting Division
The SMB division
Internal audit
Investigative review
Accounts and financial management
Individual services and payroll
Taxation of companies and individuals
Economic Division 
Strategic Consulting Division
international services 

All members of the group   have extensive business knowledge and experience and expertise in many professional fields. 
Our approach is to compile and present the overall picture to the client clearly and objectively and from understanding the long-term strategy of the clients and in consultation with them, identify opportunities and respond to challenges.

Dr. Eyal Horowitz, the chairman and CEO and senior partner of the firm, served as a director on the network's board of directors and not long ago as the chairman of Europe, the Middle East and Africa of the international network. As part of his duties, Eyal learned to get to know the international markets and the forces acting on them. Eil as an expert and an interpreter of processes and events in the Israeli and international markets and this expertise he brings to the firm.

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